We’re Going To Be HUGE… Maybe!

Hello Readers,

Over the weekend I got the following email after I sent a note to the Guys Read web bots in hopes they would update their GR map to include our new website…
Hi Mr. Hutchinson!

I’m Brandon, the assistant over here at Guys Read. Jon brought me on to be a more regular presence with keeping in touch with our groups. I’ve updated you on the map, give it a check out to make sure I got it right, please! 
I love your website! You’ve got an exemplary group going there. I love the updates and pictures, and the videos are awesome. You come up with great activities: the fruit roll up origami, the marshmallow goop, the Mongee-Poo Slime, the sock-plants — this is great stuff! I’d like to share some of the videos and updates on our Facebook page, if that is okay with you.
We started the new Facebook and twitter recently, really want to work on connecting more of the librarians and educators and strengthen the community. I get lots of emails of people looking for ideas and just starting chapters, I want to be able to show more examples, keep the fun spreading around, and celebrate the groups like yours that are continuously awesome.
You can find the Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/guysreadofficial
Also, we’re updating the site more regularly, and I’d like to start including some little recommendations from groups about books they’ve read, a couple sentence write-ups on why they loved a book and why they think other groups would love this book. If you’d like to do this for the latest Origami Yoda book, or the Louise Gavelston book, I would love that, so please think about it!
Thanks for the awesome work you do, and I look forward to seeing what you all get up to this school year,
Brandon Will,
Guys Read Assistant
So how exciting is this?  Be ready to help the Guys Read website out with some quick reviews later this week.  See you 7th  and 8th graders on Thursday and 6th graders on Friday.
Read on,
Mr. H

One thought on “We’re Going To Be HUGE… Maybe!

  1. From “Strange Case Of Origami Yoda” comes “Emperor Pickletine Rides The Bus” A hilarious adventure as the groups go to Washington D.C for the most funniest School Field trip ever. Bloody noes and tons of Fruitigami Yoda’s. I most warn you Kissing included.



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