Next Read…. The True Meaning of Smekday

Hello Readers,

So most of you should know that our next read, for all chapters of the SMS Guys Read will be The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex.

I know some of you have already read this masterpiece, but like me you might want to reread Smekday so you can refresh your memory for our upcoming Reading Challenges and the soon to be published sequel and movie adaptation.

So the next time we will meet will be Friday the 30th for the 6th Grade Chapter and February 12 for the 7th/8th Grade Chapter.  This is a change from what we might have said at our last meeting.  Inklings will meet when we first track back in and I have a meeting on February 5th that runs right through our book club time.  Sorry!

I have been working on some fun Reading Challenges so find that book and get reading.  I am planning some Boovish writing practice along with Happy Mouse Kingdom attraction designing and the development of a game known as Stickyfish.  I hope to have a few more Reading Challenges designed before we track back in.

Until we meet again I leave you with a question from page 42 of The True Meaning of Smekday… “Is Chubusil right for you?”

Tell me what “Chubusil” is for and if it is right for you in the comments.  Remember the comments are moderated by me, so no point in being mean or inappropriate, they just get trashed.

Enjoy Smekday!

Read On,

Mr. H


2 thoughts on “Next Read…. The True Meaning of Smekday

  1. When Turtlebear / Tip / Gratuity goes to she see a banner saying “Ask your Doctor if Chubusil is okay for you” And i guess Chubusil is a medicine that new and they want you to ask your Doctor if it is okay to take and if it is then they might use it. I bet when they get their commercials it will say “This will help you,” and then they start talking really fast ” side-affects may include Diarrhea, Barfing, Headaches, and even Death,” and then “this will help, buy it now.”
    Is Chubusil is right for me…. no… . I am also not done with the book so i have know idea if it has any meaning in the future of the book.

    PS. I finished reading Rat with human face over the first week of holiday break, and it was AWESOME

  2. CHUBUSIL is a bold new product, allowing you to inflate your body! Simply apply the gel-like substance to parts of your body you would like to puff up, and FA-DA! Human balloon! CHUBUSIL is great for parties, going out in public, and impressing women!

    CHUBUSIL may cause loss of vision, loss of hair, rash, scabies, depression, additional limbs, gum disease, explosive flatulence, erratic bowel movements, cancer, death… AND FUN!

    Ask you doctor if CHUBUSIL is right for you. if not then DO NOT USE AT ALL COSTS!

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