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Hello Readers,

I know that it has been a really long time since we did anything with The Intercontinental Ballistic Reading Group, so we here at SMS Guys Read wanted to share some of the reading challenges we have been attempting recently.

We continue to talk about Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor by Jon Scieszka.  We have recently read about Mary Shelly and the history of her novel, Frankenstein.  We then compared her story to Frank’s robot laboratory.

We then had a few failed attempts at making some bristle bots using a battery pack and motor that came with a Robot Maker Book we scored in a Scholastic Order.  The battery pack was way to heavy to to much with our brushes.

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Today we took the failings of our real life maker world and threw them to the wind, in exchange for the complete freedom of imagination!  So we started with a dramatic reading of the part of the book that introduces us to the robots Klink and Klank.  From there we generated a list of common household objects and set about designing our bots.

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To record our designs we used the Create Your Own Robot sheet found on the Frank Einstein website.

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As you can see we had some great robot ideas that I think Frank and Watson would be very proud of.

Then at the end of our meeting I asked the lads about my tie.  IMG_2907

They all called out Mr. Chimp! So our next Reading Challenge is to explore American Sign Language finger spelling and see if we can send a message across the inter webs and across the country to our friends at TMC Guys Read.

I also let go a bit of a secret, it even acted as our password to get into the meeting today.  Let’s see if anyone at TMC Guys Read can figure out our password.  I asked the guys to tell me what Watson’s science fair project was all about.

Do you remember, do you know?

We will be attempting that same science project in the coming weeks, so be ready.  We might even share!

So hit us up TMC Guys Read, or anyone else out there in the Guys Read world.

Let us know what you are thinking.

Read On,

Mr. H


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