Happy Mouse Kingdom Attractions

Hello Readers,

Recently here at SMS Guys Read we have been enjoying Adam Rex’s great story, The True Meaning of Smekday.  Most of us have finished the story long ago, but because of the crazy southern snow season we have not been able to finish all of our reading challenges.

So here, on the week of the opening of the movie Home (based on Smekday), we offer up our first explanation of one of the attractions at Happy Mouse Kingdom.

Enjoy Frogworth’s Hopping Pad

Tune in soon as other members explain Abraham Superlincoln’s Time Machine and Galaxander’s Lunar Lander.  You might even want to check out our sister site, The Inklings, soon to hear about Toontopia, Big Rock Candy Mountain, the Snow Queen’s Castle and of course Mister Schwa’s Grammazing Vocabularcoaster!

and if you want a giggle check the blooper video…

Read on,

Mr. H


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