Tombquest Updates

Hello Readers,

Our 6th Grade Chapter is diving into Tombquest Book #1: Book of the Dead by Michael Northop and we have some exciting news.

First, we are well into making our own amulets based on the scarab Alex’s mom wears in the story.  You can see in the picture that we are using modeling clay to design our prototype amulets, which we will then hand off to our design teacher who has agreed to scan them into the schools’ 3-D Printer and print them!

Amulet Prototypes

Amulet Prototypes

When we designed our amulets we used Mr. Northrop’s post on the Scholastic’s Tombquest forum as a guide.  Basically our guys looked for an Egyptian God that interested them.  They then designed the amulet’s shape and wrote about the powers the god granted the owner of the amulet.

They go to the printer on Friday, so check back in next week to see some final amulets.

Second, we just got this book in the mail yesterday.


You can only imagine what we are planning next.  That’s right, if my guys can remember this Friday we will be mummifying a formally living object.


What will happen to a hot dog when you mummify it?  SMS Guys Read is about to find out.

Check back soon for updates.

Read on,

Mr. H


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