Dragon Lantern Inspired Zombi Heads

Hello Readers,

So recently we had our final 7th/8th Grade Guys Read meeting of this school year.  The good news is that we are a year round school so the next year starts at the end of July.  The bad news is that our district has done some redistricting of neighborhoods, so a few members in good standing will be moving to another middle school for 8th grade. 😦  (We are working on a Skype idea to keep them involved)

For our final meeting we decided to do one last activity dealing with Alan Gratz’s excellent new book (out June 9!) The Dragon Lantern.  After reading some introductions to the world of New Orleans, Bokors and Vodou in chapter 9….


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Before shrinking the heads…

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After Shrinking the Heads…

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So we will see you all in few weeks for another year of fun and reading.  Please don’t take a vacation from reading… ever!

Read on,

Mr. H


Thanks Mr. Gratz…


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