United Nation Steam Men

Hello Readers,

The 7th/8th Grade chapter of SMS Guys Read have talking about The Dragon Lantern by Alan Gratz.  This is the second book in his League of Seven world and is just plain made out of awesome.

One of the biggest, and we do mean biggest, additions to the steampunk world Gratz builds are the United Nation Steam men.  They are described as being 10 stories of gleaming brass, filled with a full crew of United Nation soldiers.  I imagine them to work somewhat like a vertical, walking submarine.

Well we loved the idea of huge steam powered men and wanted to do a reading challenge that would have us creating steam men of our own.

So we pulled out huge lengths of butcher paper and traced ourselves.  Then we added all the important cogs and interiors.

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Now Aiden, a member in good standing, was so taken with this steam man idea that he went home and designed a smaller, but more detailed version of his Colossus.

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What do you think of our giant steam men? Hit than comment button and tell us how we are doing.

Read on,

Mr. H


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