A Post From the World of Track Out

Hello Readers,

We are currently in week two of our three-week Spring track out, SMS Guys Read will begin in earnest again the week of April 21, and I just sat down to tackle a track out assignment I had given myself…. Read The Phantom Tollbooth by Norman Juster.

At our last few meetings before track out we noticed that our IBRG friends were thinking about reading the Tollbooth and so we decided to jump on board and read along with them.  Mr. S and the lads are planning some IBRG antics, so we need to start planning our responses and connections.

Your first assignment, and I know you might not see this whilst on track out as you might be out of town or much too glued to your Xbox, is to find a copy of The Phantom Tollbooth and get reading.  The book was published in 1961 and is a classic, so the libraries around town will have numerous copies, as will any bookstore you darken the door of.

Your second assignment, and this goes for both SMS and TMC Guys Read members comes from the first lines of the Tollbooth.  Here is the second line from the copy I am reading… “When he was in school he longed to be out, and when he was out he longed to be in.”

TMC…. you guys just got back from Spring Break, do you long to be out of school again?

SMS…. You are still a week and a half away from school restarting, do you long to be in school again?

Hit that comment button and share your thinking and keep reading and thinking about The Phantom Tollbooth… we need some excellent videos to end this year.

Read on,

Mr. H

Muggle Quidditch Practice

Hello Readers,

So over the past few weeks the 6th grade branch of SMS Guys Read has been preparing for a Muggle Qudditch game.  We started by reading Quidditch Through the Ages by Kenniworthy Whisp.  We started logging into Pottermore and diving into the world of Harry Potter together (I still stink at wand duels).  We watched numerous online videos and read up on Muggle Quidditch and finally started to collect materials. Quidditch

We are now preparing for a three week Spring Track out Break, but wanted to get one practice in before we tracked out.  So we rigged up one hoop goal and practiced with what we had.  Take a look at our latest videos.

So what did you think of our Quidditch skill?  We all had a great time just practicing and look forward to some nice weather and a great full game.

Read on,

Mr. H

Hoth Can’t Stop Tom Angleberger

Hello Readers,

So the past two days have been a whirlwind of early school dismissal, impending ice doom, cancelled author visits, two-hour school delays, cancelled school days, many social media conversations, rescheduled author visits and in the end awesomeness.

This afternoon Quail Ridge Books and Tom Angleberger were able to work out a rescheduled time for his lost Princess Label Maker kick-off and many of the SMS Guys Read lads were able to be in attendance.

Mr. Angleberger was his usual gonzo self and everyone who made it out was throughly entertained.

I got to thumb wrestle the author as Darth Paper.  I think we agree that I lost.  The dark side always does.  We all got to fold Origami Yodas and then Mr. Angleberger was nice enough to autograph and illustrate all of our books.

SMS Guys Read even walked out of the visit with two new posters for our classroom walls.

Now take a look at a few of our pictures from the visit as I go find a warm corner to read Princess Label Maker.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Let me know what you think in the comments.  I can’t wait to see what those McQuarrie Middle Schoolers get up to next.

Read On,

Mr. H

PS. I bought a label maker at Wal-Mart for the visit and the stupid thing is already broken, it just spits out garbled characters.  Should we be taking this as a sign?  Is the dark side afoot at SMS Guys Read?

Tom Angleberger…. Back On

Hey Readers,

I hope this post finds most of you out of bed and using this time away from classes to catch up on some reading.

Now some big news….

I have been in contact with both Quail Ridge Books and Tom Angleberger and it looks like he will be at the bookstore around 1:00 this afternoon.


I know that many SMS Guys Read members will be free, but might not be able to get to Quail Ridge, so call around and see if a member in your neighborhood might be able to give you a ride.

I will be there and I hope to see a few SMS Guys Read members as well.

Label Makers Up,

Mr. H

Tom Angleberger Cancelled

Hello Readers,

As expected, the Hoth like conditions outside have forced Quail Ridge Books to cancel the Tom Angleberger visit.  You can check their website for more details.  If they manage to reschedule SMS Guys Read will make every effort to see him.

Sorry readers,

Mr. H

Tom Angleberger Visit… Maybe

Hello Readers,

We all know that tonight at 7:00 Tom Angleberger will be presenting his newest Origami Yoda novel, Princess Label Maker Saves the Day, at Quail Ridge Books.

Unfortunatly the Hoth like weather might cause some disturbances in the Force.  Please pay attention to the weather and the Quail Ridge Books website for updates on our event.

We don’t want this to happen…



Tom Angleberger Visit

Hello Readers,

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So as we talked about in our meeting today Tom Angleberger, of Origami Yoda fame, will be visiting Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh next Monday.  He will be debuting his latest Origami Yoda book, Princess Label Maker to the Rescue and will start his presentation at 7:00.  I know it might be hard to get there on a school night, but I would love to have a huge SMS Guys Read presence in the audience.  Wear your SMS Guys Read t-shirts so he can identify us.

So get working on your parents now.

Read on,

Mr. H

“Help me SMS Guys Read, you’re our only hope!” – Princess Label Maker