Guys Read Literary Madness (Elite Eight)

Battle Welcome back bracket junkies,

We have tabulated the votes, combed through the brackets and we had a real upset and there was a very close battle. I hope you know that we are talking about the Guys Read Literary Madness Tournament Smack Down and not what that crazy Dick Vitale is talking about(baybee)!

The Smackdowns are Harry Potter winning over Eldest with 18 votes to six. The Percy Jackson Series completely demolishing the Time Warp Trio with 19 votes to five.  Annabeth must have kneed the crap out of Fred of the Time Warp Trio!

And the upset of Milkweed losing to My Side of the Mountain.  We think that one comes down to not knowing the book…READ MILKWEED!!!  We also had an extremely close battle between the Redwall series and the Maximum Ride series…but Maximum Ride came out on top with 13 votes to 11.

Now take a look at the Elite Eight bracket and send us in your picks.  We will announce the winners toward the end of the week and then get down to the final four.

Harry Potter


Far Side Books


City of Ember Trilogy


Maximum Ride Series



Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson)


Call it Courage


My Side of the Mountain


Guys Write for Guys Read

  Enjoy the battles,

Andre Dragon Junkyard_dogRowdy Andre the Giant, Ricky the Dragon, Junkyard Dog and Rowdy Roddy


3 thoughts on “Guys Read Literary Madness (Elite Eight)

  1. Man, why do you have to put Percy Jackson up against Call It Courage–2 of my all-time favorite books??? OK–I haven’t read all these series yet, like Maximum Ride and I haven’t even finished Harry Potter 4 yet, so here are my picks:
    Far Side
    Call it Courage
    (have to pass on the others)
    Yes, it’s shocking, but Call It Courage is better. Go back and read the first post we put on our blog, back in last June. Never thought I’d choose a book over PJ, but there it is. Call It Courage is fantastic!!!!! One of the best survival/advnture books of all time.

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