Tom Angleberger Stikes Back

Hello Readers,

Last year around this time we were happy to welcome author Tom Angleberger to our school.  He had just published the now wildly popular book, The Strange Case of Origami Yoda and was starting to visit schools.

He was fantastic as a speaker and presenter.  Last year we decided to have an After School Origami Yoda Extravaganza before Mr. Angleberger arrived.  It was awesome and he said he would have really liked to have been there.

So this year we welcome Tom Angleberger back to SMS.  This year he comes with Darth Paper Strikes Back and Horton Halfpott to his writing credit, as well as a few new books on the horizon.

To give him his wish we will be having another after school extravaganza, this time with Mr. Angleberger in attendance.

We are calling it….Tom Angleberger Strikes Back!

In the comments of this post you can write about your experiences at our after school extravaganza.  What did you enjoy?  What did you wish you might have seen?  What questions do you have for Mr. Angleberger that might not have been answered?

Hit that comment button and tell us what you are thinking.

Read on,

Mr. H

PS…Remember you don’t need an email or website to post.  Just put in for the email and leave the website blank.  As always never leave your last name on the internet.


One thought on “Tom Angleberger Stikes Back

  1. Mr. Angleberger signed my Kawahata Yoda! It was in a jar and we almost couldn’t get the Yoda out…
    He also invited me with him on stage to fold his 5- fold Yoda.
    Of course, my book was signed too.

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