Getting Ready for Westerfeld

Hey Readers,

First of all a big, big reminder that Scott Westerfeld will be at SMS this Friday, October 22.  SMS Guys Read members who are tracked out need to be at the school by 12:00 so we can join in his visit.  Those members who will be at school on Friday should also join us in the media center at noon.

Now, I’m sure we are going to have a few member who are unable to attend and a few friends of SMS Guys Read who would love to be in attendance with us.  We got a cool comment from our friend Carl in Charlotte who runs Boys Rule, Boys Read.  He wrote…

“I’m still six shades of green with envy for you all getting Scott Westerfeld to visit! Hope you all have a great time.”

Carl’s comment got me thinking this morning we should open the blog up for questions.  That way SMS Guys Read members who are unable to attend and friends of the club like Carl in Charlotte and Sean L can offer us some burning questions they may have and we can get the answers from Mr. Westerfeld and post them here on the blog.

So to any reader out there…what questions do you have for Scott Westerfeld?  Hit that comment button and give us a question for him.

 My questions have to do with how he got the original idea for the Leviathan trilogy and what is up with the creepy art on the endpapers of Behemoth.  I’m also interested in he feelings on Bovril.  Does he regularly enjoy a cup of beef tea?

Let’s get those questions for Scott Westerfeld coming in.  You only have until Friday…

Read On,

Mr. H


5 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Westerfeld

  1. The first question is obvious–is Mr. Westerfeld a Clanker or Darwinist?

    Mr. H anticipated my second question–did he spend a lot of time studying the WWI posters and political caroons? Or did the artist do that?

    If i thnk of any more, I’ll let you know.

    Thanks, Mr. H!

  2. Darn!
    If only Mr. Westerfeld would come on the 29th, then I would have gone to SMS myself! (I have no school on the 29th) I have an early release on the 22nd, but it’s obviously not early enough. I get home at about 1:00 PM, and even if I get there on time, I wouldn’t have my copy of Leviathan. That’s because I gave my copy to a friend who is in SMS, in attempt to get it signed. (So close, but yet so far…) Anyway, it’ll probably take a few hours to ask what questions I (Or rather, Mr. H) would ask. Tootaloo!

  3. Questions:
    -Which beastie (or Clanker machine) did you enjoy creating the most?
    -What made you want to write a steampunk series? (Why isn’t it normal science fiction, or normal historical fiction, etc)
    -What is your favorite character?

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